Yet again, it’s that time of year. The time of year when I decide that writing a blog will have a profound impact on my quality of life and attempt to start making regular posts here.

Although I have written sporadically for a few years, I’d like to fool myself that this time will be my breakthrough. In this series of blog posts I plan to write for no one but myself, I’m not even going to tell anyone that I am doing them. Hopefully without the fear of being judged, or a desire to provide something of use to my many loyal readers, I will be able to keep up writing here indefinitely.

I have found over the years that as I have learnt more that I have become less confident in the things that I know.  Three years ago I made a post on making your own network cables, and back then I was confident in making this post. Today, I read it and the number of flaws is incredible. Although I have learned so much since then, I feel less confident in talking authoritatively about this. This is something I need to get over.

And that’s my main aim for blogging this time around. I want to become more confident in talking about things that I have an understanding of, despite the risks of stating incorrect facts. The other goal, is my more long term goal of improving my writing style and communication skills.