If you have been to Maidstone recently then chances are you will have noticed that a new Poundland is opening where Woolworth’s used to be. I don’t know whether this means the Poundland in the Chequers will be closing down or not; But people seem to be getting exited!

Today I was walking past and there were swarms of people banging on the doors and windows trying to get in and snatch up the bargains. It was reminiscent of the last zombie invasion. I went back there on my way home, to find a sea of cigarette buts covered the floor outside.

But my question is, how did they miss this sign?

Is it not fairly obvious from this sign that the shop is not actually open yet. In fact, there are actually about 10 of these signs in the shop window. They are fairly hard to miss, but maybe they did just neglect to look in the heat of the moment.

Or maybe Poundland does attract illiterate people trying to save their precious money so they can buy another iPhone. Or maybe there is something about Poundland, some kind of magic, that makes people stupid.

For example, for some reason I was once in pound land with my mum, and on about five items, she genuinely asks, “how much is this?”.

This leads me on to a lil’ bit of self advertisement, Ooh I’m just like the BBC. Very soon I am going to produce an article that will decide once and for all if you can save money by shopping in Poundland. I am going to go to both the existing pound shops in Maidstone, and the two main supermarkets in town centre,  and compare the prices of items from different categories. I’m not sure what prices to expect from the pound shops, but I imagine Sainsbury’s will be cheap.

Stay Tuned (<<My new catchphrase)