Hello, welcome to The Techno Lair, Edward Seabrook's online portfolio. This is my personal website, created to show the world what I have done over the years to do with computers. On this website you will find examples of my webdesign, animations, applications and more!

I hope you enjoy your visit. This site is best viewed in Firefox, because IE doesn't understand CSS properly [=




I think I might put this website on my own server as that would be much more fun. :D


Tetris Is Complete!

After 4 days using up all my free periods programming tetris I have finally finnished. I have written it entirely using pascal and the CRT unit. I shall upload it shortly!


Pirate Bay Defense Calls Foul Over Evidence

Day 4 of The Pirate Bay trial has seen the focus on Fredrik who was questioned at length. When it was movie industry lawyer Monique Wadsted’s turn, she wasted no time in unexpectedly introducing new evidence. Both the defense and the court complained at this point, with Wadsted choosing to shout down the judge.


Website Online

Hurrah, This Website is now online!!